If you own, any i device, be it iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV, this document is for you.

I will take you step by step in setting up IPTV on iPhone although it will be similar on iPad, and Apple TV 4.

Before we get started, you need an IPTV subscription and your m3u file which we will send once you sign up, and a computer.

Download GSE Smart IPTV Pro from the app store

Make sure your computer and i device are on the same network, start the app and activate the HTTP server in order to upload the m3u file to your device

Note:  If you have a remote file link, select Remote Playlist and paste your link.

On your computer open your web browser, and head over to the address the app has given you

Click Upload Files and select your m3u file

In the app go back to the playlists section and select the .m3u file you just uploaded.

All done, you can use this app as a remote for your apple tv, notice the airplay icon top right corner of the video screen, and volume slider just left of it, EPG can bring up the guide as you watch TV.